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Welcome to WordPress.com. Hello world, This is my first post. I am hoping to share with the world some of my thoughts, triumphs, and defeats in woodworking. I have been a carpenter slash cabinetmaker most of my adult life. I have work in some of the finest homes in the Cincinnati area. both doing trim work, cabinets, and woodworking. I have build furniture, but not as much as I would of like in my career. I have work on commercial jobs so I have a Wide range of knowledge. I have been educated as a carpenter at a Vocational school and as a woodworker at the University of Cincinnati.  I have own my own carpentry business and a cabinet shop where I mostly build kitchens and commercial cabinets for small businesses and an occasionally piece of furniture. Now that you some of my back ground let me tell you where I am hoping to go.

I am hoping to opening a small shop in a small town where I can build furniture and wooden craft items to sell. my wife and I also hope to do mosaic tile and stain glass work that will incorporate into my woodwork so I guess you could say we are evolving into sort of a mixed media type artist. we also hope to teach classes in the shop to help off set some of the expense.

well thats is our plans. I will be posting weekly accounts of our progress as we struggle to reach our goals thank for reading and keep us in your good thoughts


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